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arranging the funeral

The importance of a special day

Since ancient times, humans have attributed great importance to the significance of the final farewell. The signs of the deep connection between death and life are evident in all the religions we know.

This timeless ritual mirrors the epochs and communities it traverses, and while it has ancient origins, it reflects the needs and characteristics of a continuously evolving society.

Our mission is to ensure that families can bid farewell to their loved ones in ways that align with their personalities and needs, striving to discover the essence without frills, but with the right form.


subtle elegance

While considering it not the primary aspect in conducting funerals, we have always attached great importance to our funeral vehicles, both in terms of selecting models and colors, and in terms of their mechanical, aesthetic, and hygiene-sanitary maintenance.

Currently, our fleet consists of two funeral cars based on the Maserati Ghibli and one based on the Mercedes CLS, all three in an elegant metallic blue color.


Caskets and urns

Our background as carpenters has influenced our passion for wood and artisanal craftsmanship.

This is evident as soon as you enter our spacious showroom, where you will find a selection of quality products ranging from the simplest to the most prestigious.

care and attention to detail in the place of remembrance

The urn is a fundamental choice: it encapsulates the essence of the person's final moments.

floral arrangements

floral arrangements

Flowers have the ability to express feelings and emotions that sometimes even words cannot convey.

Classic and seasonal flowers, exotic blooms, and modern arrangements are all available to express your farewell

We guarantee quality and freshness of our flowers

Reliable and punctual delivery service

Option to have flowers delivered to other municipalities in Italy

Dried arrangements and silk flowers for placement in the cemetery

dressing the deceased

This is perhaps one of the areas to which we dedicate the most energy and attention: relying on internally trained personnel, prepared and equipped with the best tools for thanatocosmetics, we are able to give families a serene and dignified image of their loved one.


The choice of clothing is at the discretion of the family, without limitations or constraints, taking into account the deceased's habits during life, as well as any ethnic, religious, or social affiliations. It also includes full undergarments and socks. Footwear is permitted as well.


Glasses are allowed. Dentures and other types of prosthetic devices are allowed.


Rings, necklaces, pendants, and other jewelry items are allowed. Items of sentimental value, religious significance, dedications, photographs, or other symbolic objects may also be included in the attire, respecting the dignity of the deceased and in compliance with the law.

For the cremation procedure, there are restrictions regarding the attire

In the case of cremation, please notify us of the presence of endogenously powered subcutaneous prosthetic devices (pacemakers).

wake room

the unique moment of personal farewell

Even the moment of individual farewell at the viewing room presents significant elements for grieving processing. We ensure that the place where the viewing room takes place meets the adequate requirements of intimacy and spiritual connection.

communication to the community

the choice of epitaphs

Since the 1980s, we have had an in-house printing and posting center.

We offer our clients graphic solutions that meet every communication need, constantly updating our portfolio with innovative proposals that leave a mark. Together with families, we create personalized texts for epitaphs, obituaries, keepsakes, anniversaries, and acknowledgments. The published epitaphs can also be found on our website, along with an advanced messaging and flower delivery service.

all religions

Cullere has always been respectful of religious, cultural, ethnic, and gender differences.

It strives to integrate and accommodate all service requests without any discrimination, seeking to listen to and value even minorities so that they can feel comfortable.

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